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Welcome to our website.

We are a family run non profit rattery breeding rats for pets and show.

We are members of the North of England Rat Society, Yorkshire Rat Club and the National fancy rat society.

We are an NFRS registered stud having earned our stud name december 2016.

I’m also a qualified NERS pet judge and an NFRS trainee varieties judge.

We breed a couple of different lines but our main line consists of champagnes and silverfawns but this line also can throw mink/agouti & blacks. We occasionally have kits available for homing. We primarily breed top eared rats as we prefer them. We also breed black eyed siamese and russian burmese. As well as a view into developing Harley rats and trying our hand at Tonkinese. We are supportive of Carealot with Agouti/Champ line with a view into Quicksilver.

We now operate as a closed rattery, This means we no longer accept visitors into the rattery unless they have kits from us booked, If you wish to handle rats we recommend attending a local rat show, This is partly due to time wasters but also due to us now studying at university, due to this we no longer encourage a prior visit to collecting kittens but we do retain the right to refuse to home upon collection if we feel that our rats wouldnt be suited to you.

Please note: That if you do not like pink eyed rats we will recommend contacting another breeder, Eye colour in rats don’t affect their personality traits anymore than eye colours affect peoples personalities. While we don’t mind trying to pair people up with at least one variety they have their heart set on this isn’t always going to be possible as we aren’t a pet shop or ratty asda and we never will be. This is a hobby for us and due to such and for the benefit of our rats we don’t respond to a consumer like mindset of the consumer is always right, these are my rats and this is my hobby and my rats needs come before anyone's wants, I feel a need to mention this due to the influx of people that think we breed to requirements.

We show as often as possible from Scottish to Yorkshire shows, At the present

moment we are currently re-evaluating our future breeding plans and goals.

Shayilen Stud